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my dark angel

she is my dark angel
wont leave my dreams
wont leave my mind
i want her to embrace me
to grab hold and fly away
yet i do not even enter her thoughts
her dreams forget me
her life washes me away
the pain it brings me is endless
yet i am sopposed to use that
use the pain for purpose my brother says
it is not posible by any means
it is more than any man should bare
it is a pain i will have until death
it cannot be forgot can not be fixed with pills
the only way it will ever be better is by her
memories hurt but they are all i have
so i will hold them and pray for a short life
so that when i go i can watch
watch her and not just have memories
when a person hurts you you're soposed to leave
but i wouldn't care if she stabed my heart and ripped it out
it all is hers yet it can not be
i will move on and try to find another yet she will always be there
in my heart where i will never get rid of her
some memories can be lost
some can be forgoten then rememberd
some can be thrown out and never thought off again
but she will not go just stay rite there to remind me
remind me of the best days of my life
and how they will never come again
her name is kaitlin and she was and is and always will be the one i love

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