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an angel is born

my life is nothing compared to death
things taken nothing given
all alone no one to keep
my mind just wheeps tears of sarow
my heart feels grasps of pain
i want to lose them
to feel no pain to have no more tears
death is my releif yet not an option
if i die i hurt those i call friends
but if i stay i hurt myself 
in life is it worth being hurt just so others arnt
should in lose the pain at the extent of hurting those i care for
there are few like me we are the ones that keep others happy
yet we are missrable
we hide our sorrow in false smiles
we cry yet you see joy in our eyes
i have found those like me
we are few we are hear to balance for those who take
those who take and bring only misery
we are the ones that watch over you
our death will come just so that we may be their angel
but i know when i die i will be hers i will protect the one
for she is my will to live
in life and in death.....

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