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The inner workings of this vampire.

At times i wish to die as i lie to the living. As im a slave of the night i will hunt my pry theyll cry with pain. Ill come to think as i sleep i hear the crys of the souls left behid. The years have come and gone. A deep slomber i wish to take. As i lie and wait for the shadow of the night to come and take me away. Ill stay and wait for him to kill me weather or not i have to take my life to save another. His desire is for me existance to be shattered. These hands have killed many but there faces are branded in my mind i cannot forgett nore move on till this soul is gone. The world i have travled, Many i have met, loved few, cryed often and desired few. As i feed theres an undescribible feeling. When i was a fledgeling my master up and left me to decide who i am and whom i must be. Not sure of what i had become i wandered. Soon i realized i was hungry. Then he walked by me smelling as sweet as any candy i leeped and attacked, my first feed i learned fast as to what i am, I smiled and laughed. Oh how i wish things were as simple as that. Things have changed through the years. Including the melody that passed through my heart. As i sing you must listen to my harsh words for i describe my life in the dark. You look into my eyes and see a girl with no sense of direction, as you look through the walls ive built youll see im no normall human but a living creature of the night!

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