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Not Allowed

Well you know what really bugs me? How is it that no matter where you are in the world or you own life, some things are just not acceptable? My life is pretty simple. Im just a down to earth person. Im "normal". But my thoughts aren't always "acceptable". Why can't I, as an individual, raise my opinion or my deepest thought to just anyone? We live in a world where you have to watch what you say to others. Even though you have the right to freedom of speech, you still get limited to what exactly you can say or do.
Why do we judge other's on how they dress? Who made the decision to say that just wearing a nice, decent business suit is what makes a woman or man professional? If I feel like walking into a major business dressed in black, then I want to do it. I don't want anyone telling me what to think or wear or act. This is who I am inside. This is the person Im comfortable being. So why do we let our own needs come second, when it comes to society?
Everything is life that is fun and enjoyable, is considered wrong. If you walk by someone in the street and they are dressed in black or what ever the case may be, then you automaticly refuse to make eye contact because that is what you have been told. From the time you are born, your parents will tell you what is right and wrong, what is acceptable and what not. And when you don't do what your told, you are cast aside.
It's very ironic, that we were given brains to think, yet we still rely on others to tell us what is "acceptable". Anyway, this is a topic that can go on forever...
That word forever...
How would it be to live forever? To see all the changes in the world? To live through wars? Every movie has been made about vampires and were wolves. Its been showed as entertainment. It hasn't been shown as truth. How can we just accept everything that we are told without question. I don't know if vampires are real or not and actually I don't care. I haven't read one story or seen one movie that is serious about vampires or were wolves.
Has anyone ever thought about asking a vampire, if your lucky enough to meet one, what really happened in the war? Has anyone ever asked, how they feel about there species being made a joke of? Has anyone ever really asked the serious questions to them?
Everyone is interested in what they drink or what they "powers" they have. They are not animals. They are different, thats all. Why are we so closed minded about change? We won't ask the serious questions because we are afraid of the answers. Many facts can be gathered from the serious questions in life, if we weren't all afraid of the answers. Many new experiences can be touched, if we weren't afraid of the change.
Ok now I will shut up, because im saying things again that doesn't change anything anyway.

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