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I am tired of being judged by people who see the marks and automatically guess that I am either a cutter or in an abusive relationship. But when they find out they were neither forcibly inflicted or self caused, they try to ostracize me because I am not what they think is normal, but why do they get to decide what is typical in society. I am also tired of people thinking that just because I appear to be blonde that I am indeed stupid and cannot carry an intellectually stimulating conversation. But indeed, and more often than not, I am able to show them the error of their ways and more, because I am actually smart. And finally I hate stupid people that think just because I wear things like tank tops, tight jeans, and skirts I am easy, because it doesn't matter  if I was or not, if you come to talk to me with that as your main intention, you will be shut down in the most inconvenient, embarrassing way that I can cause.

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