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the flower and the butterfly

i was once told about a butterfly that was searching for his true love
one day he flew over a flower and as he passed he knew that was the one
he floated above it as days passed by just trying to win its affection
but the flower remained still never doing anything more then swaying in the wind
but still the butterfly circled above trying to win the flowers affection
until after many days it fell to the ground collapsed from the strain
people will say that the butterfly should never have floated there for so long
they will look and say he never could be with that flower that they were to diffrent
but the butterfly could of landed and spent plenty of time with the flower
the only reason the butterfly didn't is because he knew if he did when he died the flower would be alone
so thinking only of the flower the butterfly kept his distance
watching and waiting protecting the flower from all he could
but never trying to be with her even though he loved her so

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