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This is so crazy.....

A vampire hitwoman takes on a mafia of New York bloodsuckers, seeking to destroy the one who made her. Blood and gore aplenty, as it should be for any modern vampire flick. Multiple neck bites, stabbings, shootings, gut-munching, and ripped-off limbs are some of the highlights. The people who made this hit upon an excellent idea, combining elements of two of today's most popular television shows, THE SOPRANOS and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Who would have ever thought of such a thing? But it works. Oh man does it ever work. The mafia vampire guys are kicka**, they generate the perfect tone and are funny as hell. One of them gets up from slurping on the neck of a fresh kill and says... in that perfect Martin Scorsese way. The filmmakers also had a difficult task ahead of them, as the movie features several lead characters and plot threads that must cross paths and come together in the end. I don't know how they managed to pull it off, but for 2 solid hours I was glued to the TV screen watching the events unfold. It's scary, funny, and intense all at the same time. Not since John Landis's highly underrated INNOCENT BLOOD have I been so enthralled with a modern vampire tale. I'm a big fan of the BLADE movies, but I actually liked STRANGE THINGS even more. It's got my kind of humor, my kind of sex appeal, and some of the greatest camera work I've ever seen on an independent production. High above average for a low budget vampire film.

Though never to be confused with the classics of FRIGHT NIGHT or John Carpenter's VAMPIRES - i can see this film possibly being a cult-classic in time ...... there's nothing super special about the plot and twists of it - in fact, that's one of the most confusing thing about this vamp- movie ...... but if you like to see a lot of Vampire-biting .....and I mean A LOT OF IT !!! ....... this should be one for you ( from beginning to end -there's a lot of fang-biting and necking in this ) ...... and a Lot of Blood & Gore ! .... not much character-development in this - but long as i get to the usual FANGS & GOREfest i can be satisfied enough with that .......

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