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run run

the girl run from her formare boyfriend he chasece her with a gun in his hand saying hide run nomater what i will get you i will kill you the girl runs into the darkness i will get you the man says and in the end you beg for your god to save you and he dosent anwer you you ask why why will you not help me you the one that i serve the one i pry to she finds herself in a dark aly hiding she here someone say it becouse he dosent love you come with me or that man will kill you and you will then be forgoten but come with me and not be the one thats forgoten you ask how is this whats going on fallow me and you soon will know so you fallow the man with the long black hair and the saft but farm voice till you are rapte in darkness and all you can do is scream you soon find yourself in a black hole falling and falling you think your going to die and what will happen when you do none will miss you none loves you so all you do is scream but the voice say to stop screaming your not going to die your safe with your new family and you are loved[color=#800080] you ask the man where am i whats going on and how is this man the man ansower my name is sikau im a demon like you my dear little sister wellcome to the family the girl says my name is saya how am i a demon the man hows name was sikau says you have been asleep for a long time little sister the girl asks how long and how sikau says 2,659 years you have been asleep and you now know what and how you are the girl now knows her punt in the world but what will come nexed all i can say is one word war

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