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I hate life!!!

I hate my life!!! Yesterday my mom called me a [**]!!! my MOTHER!!!
She's just a b*tch! I hate her! I have repeatedly thought about suicide!! Is that really bad? I mean if u have a sucky [**] life is suicide really that bad to think about? Cuz if u ask me, it's not. It's a better thing than what u have right now. I wish i could either die or run away forever!!! I just know somewhere inside i need to stay on earth for now. I just don't really know why. I just there's something better for me in the future i just don't know when or where. Maybe some could tell me, cuz right now i'm all ALONE! I told my sister something, expecting her NOT to tell our mom, and what does she do? She tells her anyway! i have now gotten yelled at 3 times in a row!!! This sucks!
For those of you reading this i want u to send me a PM and tell me.
You tell me.
Dust it off?
Thank! Yours truly,

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