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when crys trne to blood

i dont know when i stuped crying for the one i have lost but my emotion for the people are gone all the people i onece loved have disupeard i may still see them in frunt of me but i dont cair for them my heart has is slowing i cant tast the food i onece loved i allmost killed my older bruther for trying to huge me people have seen my eyes trne allmost red and when they say i dont beleave you and to prove your self i do and they run form me calling me a freek even my mom knowing what she is i dont call her a freek i deal with the truth but she looks at me in fear and anger being called a deval worshiper when im not im a necromancer now but my heart fills like its going to stup i have the ergy to kill humons for my gain but even there screems have stuped

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