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My first thoughts...

This is my first attempt of a recording of my thoughts, im not too picky about grammer at this point in time.  But here we are...
Several years ago, two major events in my life occured... I was electrocuted, the first time i only suffered from some burns and some head trama.  The electrocution occured from a televison falling on my head, the drop cord it was connected to allowed it to have enough length to land on me while still maintaing a direct flow of electricity.  The second time however occured by a bolt of lightining striking a window i was leaning on. Due to my own foolish this happened, i know.  The point im getting at though is, when the lightining struck me, i was in a coma for 3 days, also while i was in the hospital, immediatly after the event my heart stopped, for how long i am not sure of.  I due however have a general idea of about 1-2 minutes, seeing as i am here to day.  Although, while i was in my vegetable state, i saw no pearly gates, nor a river of fire.  All i can recall is voices, a lot of voices, some of which i recognized, some i couldn't identify and some that belong to people i met after the event.  This has rather distorted my views of an after life or anything within that category.

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