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one of meneay a list of Demon's

AEKRE - The Sea Demon. He would take the form of a sailor on old merchant ships and would wait until the crew was asleep to steer the ship out to the deep sea where he would devour the crew one by one.
BIA - "The Force". The description of this demon is a "fallen angel". This is the same name as the goddess of force, Bia of Greek mythology who stood by Zeus' side. Coincidence?
BRAEGNOK - "The Horned One". A crazy, axe-weilding warrior demon. The description and name both sound very Viking in origin.
CRAEL - No description given.
ERAEOS - The Light Demon. Is said to only appear during the day, never at night. Described as being "more blinding than the sun".
GAEZ - "Hell's Wrath". This guy fits the mold of what we think a demon to be - pure evil, very cunning, and able to influence and overtake humans.
HEZIAH - "The Bone Wraith" or "The Skeleton Ghost". Described as both the re-animation of a human skeleton and in another section as a ghost or spirit that looks like a human skeleton.
HOAHT - No description given.
HYATHOTH - "The Singing Woman". Apparently doesn't have a physical form, is just the voice of a woman singing.
IBUSA - The Sky Demon. Described both as a bird (seagull?) and as a goat at different times. As a bird would fly over the sea and as a goat would stand on the highest mountain peak and look down to find people travelling alone. He would then kill them and hide their bodies so they could never be found.
IKTHYIA - Another sea demon. Would swim around ships in the form of a naked woman and drown any man who jumped in the ocean to save "her".
LAONE - The only description is a 'half man / half woman'.
LYR - "The Lute Player". A bard or musician who played beautiful music. In public he would gather a crowd but playing privately he would put a person to sleep with his music and they would never wake up (but still be alive).
NEZBELTHAR - A demon from the city of Rome who hid in the form of a statue and could stay still for years at a time. When he finally chose his victim, he would introduce himself and offer them his powers. If they agreed, he would turn them into the statue he had been posing as.
RAOHOAH - An old woman demon who would steal a person's breath if they got too close.
REZKAAH - "A Thousand Blades". Not much more of a description, but "a thousand blades" probably says it all. A very angry, violent spirit.
SETH - Pretty sure this is in reference to the Egyptian god 'Seth' or 'Set', but the name appears as a powerful demon in the writings.
SYGGHA - The Hair Demon. A female demon who originates from the far East (seems like Japan). She lives in the long hair of women and sometimes crawls through their hair into their minds, making them do her will. A couple times the scriptures mention women killing their husbands credited to a posession by Syggha.
VEROS-LYKKAH - The Twin Demons. Technically it's one demon with two minds/personalities that co-exist, and is sometimes mentioned as being in two places at once, yet 'both' demons are considered one. This demon seems to represent the dual nature of the mind. Each half is always the exact opposite of the other, no matter the emotion or thought.
ZEOHN - The Falling Death. This demon does not seem to have a human personification, but rather is some kind of endless pit that people can fall into. They never hit the bottom because it does not exist, so they never die, just keep falling forever.
Belial - Also known as Beliel and Beliar. The Prince of Trickery, the Demon of Sodomy and the Antichrist.
if you beleave me  resrch it if u dont and douwt my powers say what u wish do what u want the demon's i listed our real and is not all of them if u want me to give u more infow i would be glad if im rong tell me i will fix my info ok  for now
the song of the hormons is my name eating my dark wings to mack my tame

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