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Today is the day that i failed to protect my family.
My Family died a year ago coz of me on this day!
Death2Vampires97Everyone2011-04-15 22:33:47
(Private)Unknown Feelings
I Want You To Love Me
mhammitt034Friends2011-04-15 20:27:58
Opposites coming together and fighting it out for what is right.
DarkSecretEveryone2011-04-15 08:11:01
Araura the little girl gets abused through her whole life by her parents.
DarkAngel123Friends2011-04-13 11:09:17
one of meneay a list of Demon's
i dont have one
sayaloveloseEveryone2011-04-08 11:40:47
some day and dead to the world
dont have one lol ^_^
sayaloveloseEveryone2011-04-06 11:42:34
what am i
i dont have one
sayaloveloseEveryone2011-04-04 13:15:20
Sometimes i don't know y i even bother.......
i don't even care anymore.
Death2Vampires97Everyone2011-04-04 02:58:24
when i see him
sayaloveloseEveryone2011-03-31 16:27:10
i dont know
sayaloveloseEveryone2011-03-31 16:17:11
i can only dream
jouteyEveryone2011-03-31 15:48:15
i love bubbles
jouteyEveryone2011-03-31 15:42:22
Summer's Romance
This funny, sweet not to mention sexy poem will get your blood boiling.
DarkMatterEveryone2011-03-30 16:52:10
The Way
A short poem that you must read. I command you to read.
DarkMatterEveryone2011-03-30 13:10:33
Patient Zero & Death Prophet
My movies projects
imacweskerEveryone2011-03-28 11:17:55