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Look Both Ways
A funny little tell my mother told me when I was little. Please enjoy!
DarkMatterEveryone2010-07-03 00:18:34
Not Allowed
Asking the tough questions is sometimes the best.
DarkSecretEveryone2010-07-02 08:39:38
The Original Gata Monique Dupree in The Horror Vault
horror movie coming out in July
TheOriginalGataEveryone2010-07-02 04:41:26
Sorry, I was angry about people today
MegaraEveryone2010-07-01 23:50:56
Yup Yup
SiforEveryone2010-07-01 00:52:01
Being new
About me
TaineyEveryone2010-06-30 15:49:00
im so unsure
Elle_midnightEveryone2010-06-29 16:39:40
This was to help me let go, I'm sorry if you don't like it
MegaraEveryone2010-06-29 00:45:41
poem possibly a song
i was inspired one day
brokenangelEveryone2010-06-28 18:39:17
At the end
Just a song i wrote. I hope you like it.
KannahorrtaEveryone2010-06-28 15:16:49
It seems like time fails us. It just takes a life. It never cures us, so we must be running out of time.
DarkMatterEveryone2010-06-28 14:27:49
JackieEveryone2010-06-28 13:44:39
Who Are We
Ever thought of who you are. Never known who you are. Well, your not alone. We all have the same thought.
DarkMatterEveryone2010-06-28 13:31:13
to admin..
thank u for having this journal
BloodyLaiEveryone2010-06-28 06:48:25
Love Lives On
Love is always there.
DarkMatterEveryone2010-06-27 21:42:54