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Life-Force Vampire
My encounter with a life-force Vampire.
Night_StalkerEveryone2010-08-07 19:50:17
Winged Heart
A short poem, read it.
DarkMatterEveryone2010-07-28 23:40:37
clock of destiny
the_knightEveryone2010-07-28 05:43:37
war of ages
the_knightEveryone2010-07-25 23:59:36
who is your knight
a poem
the_knightEveryone2010-07-25 23:58:52
my dark angel
just read it
the_knightEveryone2010-07-25 23:57:44
an angel is born
a poem that was written for her
the_knightEveryone2010-07-25 23:56:23
The inner workings of this vampire.
Well this basically tells you what i think of many different things.
moon2014Everyone2010-07-19 20:35:47
This might be a little long, but it's worth the read. Please give it a try.
DarkMatterEveryone2010-07-16 20:52:22
Not Human
We all feel this way, or we are this way.
DarkMatterEveryone2010-07-12 21:03:53
My Story Life
This is a life that no one wants. It's not mine, hopefully not yours.
DarkMatterEveryone2010-07-12 20:14:22
Today today today
How i felt
Shinigami25Everyone2010-07-12 04:47:16
Boy, are my poems just random, but there good. I try to feel other peoples hurt, and understand there feelings. I understand a lot of you feel like this these days.
DarkMatterEveryone2010-07-09 10:24:52
Every Hurt
Have you ever felt pain? Or felt like your invisable? This might be you.
DarkMatterEveryone2010-07-09 00:10:55
Broken Promise.
It's about how I'm so lonely right now.
LunarrGoddessEveryone2010-07-08 03:02:09