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well this is fun
the_knightEveryone2010-11-03 17:19:56
Musical Death
My lyrics for songs I'm writing
hauntedeyes94Everyone2010-10-29 11:19:03
Hi ya,
adelemeEveryone2010-10-13 03:29:30
bout my day
samantha34Everyone2010-10-08 22:36:28
Never realizing
The days of thinking I was just another human being. It's been bout a year now since I've found out that I was known to be a werewolf. Still not knowin about I'm suppose to do as a werewolf. how I'm suppose to know what my senses are and such.
LadymysticEveryone2010-10-07 01:47:16
Short And Simple
Here's a Question.
MonasilverEveryone2010-10-01 16:15:24
just bacuse
augustEveryone2010-09-29 17:28:44
Knights, It's Who we Are
Who are the knights you ask? wel, we are protectors. We protect vampires. There are a lot of things that would like to see vampires dead. Humans, slayers, evi vampires. So it's our job to protect the vampires.
MonasilverEveryone2010-09-28 13:07:54
My Feelings right about now
Yea, let's say I'm quite ticked ><
JackieEveryone2010-09-24 13:29:14
In Hell
Leave your opinons
Immortal1Everyone2010-09-23 12:32:14
The Glimps Into The Afterlife
For all of hell horror to give an opion
Immortal1Everyone2010-09-23 12:28:13
im hungry
im hungry
deadscarletEveryone2010-09-22 20:55:20
life as mortal
jouteyEveryone2010-09-22 20:30:15
Some of you knew Darke September, Right? Well, she's disappeared.
MonasilverEveryone2010-09-22 13:16:42
Why I Love Bad Movies
rants from a myteemouth
myteemouthEveryone2010-09-17 22:20:01