List of 2010 Horror Films

Infection: The Invasion Begins (2010)

Infection: The Invasion Begins 2010
Our Score: 2/10   IMDB Score: 2.3/10
+67% Like of 6 votes

Lochlyn Munro, David Jean Thomas, Kent Faulcon, Kurt Meyer, Chuck Carter - A mystery surrounds a small town that was wiped out on September 9, 2009. Now, sixty years later, Sarah, the last survivor, sends a reporter a letter suggesting what really happened on that day. The government…

Abnormal Activity (2010)

Abnormal Activity 2010
Our Score: 2/10   IMDB Score: 2.5/10
+40% Like of 5 votes

Zach Swensen, Julia Panvalone, Dennis Cage, Emily Durkheim, Jason Gerbay - When Roger and Stacey moved intotheir new home, they never expected the company to be anything other than themselves.In this hilarious in-your-face mockumentary spoof on the handheld movie genre, nothing…

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