Frozen 2010
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Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell, Kevin Zegers, Ed Ackerman, and Rileah Vanderbilt - A typical day on the slopes turns into a chilling nightmare for three snowboarders when they get stranded on the chairlift before their last run. As the ski patrol switches off the night lights, they…

New Terminal Hotel

New Terminal Hotel 2010
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Stephen Geoffreys, Tiffany Shepis, Ezra Buzzington, Laura Leigh, and Corey Haim - Don Malek (Stephen Geoffreys) isn't the usual tenant found in the skid row hotels of downtown L.A. Grief-stricken since the murder of his fiancee Katherin, the successful screenwriter-turned murderous…


Madness 2010
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Andreas Vaehi, Max Wallmo, and Victoria Bloom - Cheerleaders, Tara and Jenna are on their way to Minneapolis to complete in a cheerleading competition. When they stop for gas they meet a couple guys dealing with car trouble and eager to catch a ride…

Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain 2010
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Steven Mackintosh and David Bradley - The very nature of evil drives this chilling psychological thriller. Oscar nominee* Samantha Morton (Minority Report) and Steven Mackintosh (The Escapist) are Martha and Tomas, a grieving couple who move…

Death Kappa (Ws Dub)

Death Kappa (Ws Dub) 2010
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Misato Hirata - The kappa, in Japanese folklore, are water goblins that are closely associated with a certain town in the country. Unfortunately, the area is also home to a militant splinter group of researchers dedicated…


Mutants 2010
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Helene de Fougerolles and Francis Renaud - Like David Cronenberg s The Fly, co-writer and director David Morley s fright flick Mutants turns the horror genre on its head and makes it personal. It s one thing to kill a zombie. But what if the zombie…

Live Evil

Live Evil 2010
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Tim Thomerson, Mark Hengst, Ken Foree, Tiffany Shepis, and Mark Terry - Vampires are having trouble surviving in a world whose life giving blood supply has become polluted by drugs and STDs. They have become a desperate species of mutated semi humans fighting amongst themselves…

Phoonk 2 (New Horror Hindi Film / Bollywood Movie / Indian Cinema)

Phoonk 2 (New Horror Hindi Film / Bollywood Movie / Indian Cinema) 2010
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Sudeep, Amruta Khanvilkar, Ahsaas Channa, Rishabh Jain, and Anu Ansari - Phoonk 1 ends with the killing of Madhu, the woman who casts a black magic spell on Rajiv's daughter Raksha. Phoonk 2 begins with Madhu's ghost returning from the grave to seek revenge on the…

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