Monsters vs. Aliens

Monsters vs. Aliens 2009
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Seth Rogen, Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett, and Paul Rudd - When Susan Murphy is unexpectedly clobbered by a meteor full of outer space gunk, she mysteriously grows to 49-feet-11-inches tall and is instantly labeled a “Monster” named Ginormica. The…

Messiah of Evil: The Second Coming

Messiah of Evil: The Second Coming 2009
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Michael Greer, Marianna Hill, Joy Bang, Elisa Cook Jr., and Bennie Robinson - Beware when the moon drips blood! Carnivorous zombies will prowl the night! Worms will ooze from their mouths! And blood will drip from their eyes! Terror will reign when he returns. And now, after 100…

death smiles at murder

death smiles at murder 2009
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Not available - (1972) Klaus Kinski, Ewa Aulin, Angela Bo, Sergio Doria. This is a bizarre supernatural film about a crazed man who utilizes ancient Incan formulas to raise the dead for purposes of revenge. Many horrible…


Mimic 2009
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F. Murray Abraham, Josh Brolin, Charles S. Dutton, Alix Koromzay, and Giancarlo Giannini - Import Blu-Ray/Region A pressing. This electrifying thriller features sexy Academy Award-winner Mira Sorvino and screen favorite Charles S. Dutton. A team of scientists discover a miracle cure that stops…

My Sweet Killer

My Sweet Killer 2009
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Kirk Harris, Jack Rubio, Clifton Collins Jr., Art Chudabala, and Luis Guizar - MY SWEET KILLER is a chilling look into the horrifying world of Charlie Cavenaugh (Harris), an introverted ex-mental patient with a dark violent secret. Charlie has recently been released from a mental…

Night of Bloody Horror

Night of Bloody Horror 2009
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Gerald McRaney, Gaye Yellen, Michael Anthony, and Lisa Dameron - This violent meat-clever splatter murder movie tells the story of Wesley, former mental patient who goes out on a killing spree hacking up beautiful women, all of whom were his former lovers while experiencing…

Blood+: Part Two

Blood+: Part Two 2009
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Kari Wahlgren, Ben Diskin, Crispin Freeman, Olivia Hack, and Dave Wittenberg - I was beginning to think that the second half of the Blood+ series wasn't going to come out. For a moment (more like months) my thoughts were [**] happened to Blood+: Part Two, how long does a guy…


Dreamcatcher 2009
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Rosemary Dunsmore, Jon Kasdan, Eric Keenleyside, Campbell Lane, and Michael O'Neill - Regardless of its critical roasting, Dreamcatcher is a must-see for Stephen King fans. In adapting King's epic novel (itself an amalgam of familiar King plotlines), director Lawrence Kasdan and cowriter…

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