Hanger 2009
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Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman, Nathan Dashwood, Candice Lewald, Nadia Grey - From Ryan Nicholson, the acclaimed writer-director of the cult hit Gutterballs, comes this gruesome horror tale in which revenge is sweet and sick and twisted and definitely served cold a balls-to-the-wall…

Open Graves-Curses Last Forever

Open Graves-Curses Last Forever 2009
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Mike Vogel, Eliza Dushku, Gary Piquer, Boris Martinez, Ander Pardo - An international group of young surfers comes into possession of an ancient artifact, Mamba, an old board game made from the skin and bones of a witch executed during the Spanish Inquisition. At a drunken…


Sutures 2009
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Andrew Prine, Joe Unger, Trent Haaga, C.J. Thomason, Jason London - A group of longtime friends converge on a fatal course with destiny when they cross paths with Alexander Tatum, a mercenary surgeon. He is a hunter with the keen skill of one who has also been hunted.…

Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre

Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre 2009
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Gunnar Hansen, Thor Kristjansson, Hanna María Karlsdóttir, Aymen Hamdouchi, Helgi Björnsson - When a bloody freak accident takes out their captain, a boatload of international tourists on a whale-watching expedition must fight for their lives while stranded in the middle of the ocean. Help seems…

Kill Theory

Kill Theory 2009
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Don McManus, Daniel Franzese, Kevin Gage, Taryn Manning, Theo Rossi - Seven college students visit a secluded vacation home to celebrate graduation and become trapped in a deadly game by a mysterious killer. Forced to kill one another by 6 A.M. the following morning, only…

Stan Helsing

Stan Helsing 2009
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Ben Cotton, Leslie Nielsen, Ken Kirzinger, Darren Moore, Lee Tichon - In the vein of spoof cinema like Austin Powers and the Scary Movie franchise, Stan Helsing lampoons contemporary film audiences’ never-ending fascination with what makes our blood curdle. In the…

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) 2009
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Rene de Wit, Sylvia Zidek, Rosemary Annabella, Mauricio D'Orey, Dieter Laser - Equal parts Cronenbergian body horror, perverse fetish film, and E.C. Comics-style gross-out, The Human Centipede is Dutch director Tom Six's uniquely macabre endurance test for fans of modern fright…


Carny 2009
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Vlasta Vrana, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dani Kind, Joe Cobden, Pedro Salvín - I used to watch this when I was growing up and still do. Gary Busey puts on a really believable performance of a hardened carny worker who falls for a naive teenage runaway. And Jodie Foster really shines…

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