Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3 2009
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Chelan Simmons, Ryan Merriman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Crystal Lowe, and Jesse Moss - Recently, I brought this two blue ray disc. however, it did not have any subtitle to select for viewing on this two titles. Is it product defect or there is a two version of this title. Anyway, overrall…

Quiet Nights of Blood and Pain

Quiet Nights of Blood and Pain 2009
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Amanda Delotelle, Loren S. Goins, Ray Freeland, Greg Nichols, and Kristie Cox - William is a soldier home from Iraq and struggling to make sense of what he experienced in the conflict, trained in the torture and killing of prisoners and dissidents for information while stationed…


Alice 2009
+67% Like of 6 votes

Matt Frewer, Harry Dean Stanton, Tim Curry, Kathy Bates, and Caterina Scorsone - This "Alice" is certainly NOT for the children of the household! This is not a tarted-up Disney movie. There is violence, drug references, war, intrigue, abductions and a lot more you really…

A Perfect Getaway

A Perfect Getaway 2009
+65% Like of 26 votes

Milla Jovovich, Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant, Kiele Sanchez, and Marley Shelton - Milla Jovovich, Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant and Kiele Sanchez star in this gripping suspense-thriller about an island vacation that turns deadly. Honeymooners Cliff (Zahn) and Cydney (Jovovich) are hiking…

Aliens in the Attic

Aliens in the Attic 2009
+63% Like of 8 votes

Ashley Tisdale, Robert Hoffman, Carter Jenkins, Austin Robert Butler, and Ashley Boettcher - It’s summer vacation, but the Pearson family kids are stuck at a boring lake house with their nerdy parents. That is until feisty, little, green aliens crash-land on the roof, with plans to conquer…

Headhunter: Assessment Weekend

Headhunter: Assessment Weekend 2009
+60% Like of 5 votes

Keith Blaser - I'm not usually a fan of horror films but this one really grabbed my attention! The actors were great, especailly Keith Blaser! I had to watch it a couple of times to catch what I missed the first…


Hanger 2009
+60% Like of 5 votes

Dan Ellis, Nathan Dashwood, Wade Gibb, Candice Le, and Ronald Patrick Thompson - From Ryan Nicholson, the acclaimed writer-director of the cult hit Gutterballs, comes this gruesome horror tale in which revenge is sweet and sick and twisted and definitely served cold a balls-to-the-wall…

Vampire Killers

Vampire Killers 2009
+60% Like of 5 votes

Paul McGann, Steve Clark-Hall, James Corden, Silvia Colloca, and Susie Amy - During feature (aka "Lesbian Vampire Killers" outside the USA) length nice gals express steady desire for eating the every human available for powering their own group foreplay and have been…

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