Asylum 2008
+75% Like of 8 votes

Lin Shaye, Travis Van Winkle, Andrea Powell, Mark Rolston, Pete Burris - Six unsuspecting college co-eds discover their dorm was once the site of a notorious insane asylum infamous for conducting gruesome lobotomy's on its teenage inmates during the 1930's. When…

Mega Snake

Mega Snake 2008
+75% Like of 8 votes

John Rhys-Davies, Serban Celea, Toma Danila, Vasile Albinet, Bart Sidles - Because his father was killed by a poisonous snake bite, Les Daniels has a deadly fear of snakes. Chaos ensues when Les’ brother accidentally unleashes a rare, extremely deadly mythical snake. The…

Grizzly Park

Grizzly Park 2008
+67% Like of 6 votes

Glenn Morshower, Rance Howard, Susan Blakely, Shedrack Anderson III, Emily Baldoni - As part of a new rehabilitation program, eight unrepentant young adults must serve a week of community service in a remote California forest preserve known as Grizzly Park. Under the supervision of stalwart,…


Shutter 2008
+63% Like of 8 votes

Rachael Taylor, Joshua Jackson, Eri Otoguro, James Kyson, Adrienne Pickering - A young photographer and his girlfriend discover mysterious shadows in their photographs after a tragic accident. They soon learn that you can never escape the past as a ghost continuously haunts them!…

Killer Pad

Killer Pad 2008
+60% Like of 5 votes

Lin Shaye, Daniel Franzese, Sam McMurray, Jennifer Lyons, Haley Hudson - When three pals find a sweet deal on a mansion in the Hollywood Hills they think they have struck party gold. But their dreams of sexy Hollywood ladies are quickly thwarted when they realize that their…

Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen

Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen 2008
+60% Like of 5 votes

Peyton Wetzel, Tim Wrobel, Zoe Hunter, Cesar Castillo, Anjanette Clewis - Will Spanner, the reluctant heir to a dark legacy, is once again thrown into battle against the forces of evil when he encounters a series of brutal murders. The victims are all killed in a ritualistic…

Pulse 3

Pulse 3 2008
+60% Like of 5 votes

Diane Ayala Goldner, William Prael, Snowy Highfield, Jackie Arnold, Rider Strong - Nearly a decade after the terrifying events of Pulse 2 the dead still walk the earth -- having entered our realm through electronic devices. Justine, raised with her fellow human refugees in the remote…

Dying Breed

Dying Breed 2008
+60% Like of 5 votes

Leigh Whannell, Boris Brkic, Reg Evans, Nathan Phillips, Sally McDonald - On their quest to find a rare tiger, four hikers venture deep into isolated territory of Tasmania and into the small township of "Sarah”. Nestled within the impenetrable forests of Western Tasmania,…

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