Stargate - The Ark of Truth

Stargate - The Ark of Truth 2008
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Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, and Claudia Black - Blasting off where the Sci-Fi Channelâ??s longest running show, Stargate SG-1, left off, this thrilling feature thrusts the Stargate team â?" Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), Vala (Claudia…

Ghouls Gone Wild

Ghouls Gone Wild 2008
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Reality Vampyres, Amy Rochelle, Lori Jean, and Reenie Varga - Sink your teeth into this pack of Ghouls Gone Wild. Ten of the hottest playboy models gone goth. Vivacious mortals transform themselves into sultry vixens of the night. Ghouls Gone Wild is a fun celebration…

Domain of the Damned

Domain of the Damned 2008
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Christin Sawyer Davis, Morgan McCarthy, Jalene Mack, Jeremy Wasson, Leo Wheeler, Ari, Frank Page, Bu - Domain of the Damned is an intensely creepy, slow-burn horror experience that sparks a fuse, ignighting a powder keg of explosive action and breathtaking scope unlike any other!Somewhere along a desolate…

Demon Board

Demon Board 2008
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Jeff Cooper, Sarah Swofford, Katrina Ellsworth, Liz Goddard, and Teresa Deasey - Demon Board is a retro grind-house film about a demonic talking board that grants wishes to unsuspecting users.Though it tends to change hands frequently, this talking board actually does have an owner;…


Deceptors 2008
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David Simmons III and John Johnson - In the mysterious town of Nilbog you find great eateries, fantastic landscapes, and lots and lots of extraterrestrial demons hell bent on destroying the world! A team of conmen are running a scam on the…


Onechanbara 2008
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Taro Suwa, Eri Otoguro, Chise Nakamura, and Manami Hashimoto - The movie adaptation of the hit Onechanbara video game series! In the year 20XX, scientifically created zombies roam the world in record numbers. Despite this, Aya is determined to track down her father's…


Darklight 2008
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Shiri Appleby, John deLancie, David Hewlett, Richard Burgi, and George R. Sheffey - Captured by a secret society known as the Faith and mentally controlled with a powerful spell, ancient demoness Lilith now lives as a young woman with no memory of her agless past. However, the terrifying…


Copycat 2008
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Bruce Robert Cole, Jessica Aldridge, Andreas Beckett, Garrett Brawith, and Danny Chan - Tormented by the serial killer who took her mother's life, journalist LAURA NELSON investigates the only clue he ever leaves behind at his crime scenes: his diary pages. References in the blood-soaked…

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