Monster 2008
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Sarah Lynch, Erin Evans and Justin L. Jones - January 17, 2003, a 7.8 earthquake hit Japan or was it a monster? Thousands were though dead. This catastrophic event was caught on tape by two American filmmakers who were present at the time. Their…


Doomsday 2008
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Bob Hoskins, Malcolm McDowell, Sean Pertwee, Rick Warden, and Rhona Mitra - From the director of The Descent comes an action-packed thrill-ride through the beating heart of hell! To save humanity from an epidemic, an elite fighting unit must battle to find a cure in a post-apocalyptic…

Dead Space: Downfall

Dead Space: Downfall 2008
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Bruce Boxleitner, Kelly Hu, Keith Szarabajka, Jim Cummings, and Kevin Michael Richardson - The Dead Space franchise has held a special place in my collection from the first time I played Dead Space on the Xbox. Dead Space: Downfall (2008) does not disappoint in the general aspect of the franchise,…

Fear Itself - Season 1

Fear Itself - Season 1 2008
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Brandon Routh - Awesome made for TV series. Each show was solved in the hour. All of them were very creative, and each had a fun little twist at the end! I loved them all and I hate scary!

R.L. Stine's Mostly Ghostly

R.L. Stine's Mostly Ghostly 2008
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Luke Benward, Noah Cyrus, Madison Pettis, Sterling Beaumon, and Ali Lohan - Max is hardly a typical 11-year-old: he loves magic, detests sports, and can’t seem to say a single word to his crush, Traci, the most popular girl in school. But when he’s the only one who…

The Strangers

The Strangers 2008
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Scott Speedman, Liv Tyler, Gemma Ward, Glenn Howerton, and Kip Weeks - The Strangers (2008) is an American mystery thriller horror movie that was filmed in Timmonsville and Florence, South Carolina, USA. First-time director and co-writer Bryan Bertino did an excellent job…

Alphabet Killer

Alphabet Killer 2008
+71% Like of 7 votes

Eliza Dushku, Cary Elwes, Timothy Hutton, Tom Malloy, and Michael Ironside - A ten year old girl is found brutally murdered outside the small blue-collar city of Rochester, New York, and obsessed police detective Megan Paige (Eliza Dushku of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and DOLLHOUSE)…

One-Eyed Monster

One-Eyed Monster 2008
+60% Like of 5 votes

Amber Benson, Ron Jeremy, Veronica Hart, Jason Graham, and Caleb Mayo - In a comic homage to Alien and The Thing , the cast and crew of an adult film, stranded in a blizzard, must band together against a mysterious and deadly alien, which has possessed the actor with the…

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