Gangs of the Dead

Gangs of the Dead 2007
+60% Like of 5 votes

Reggie Bannister, Enrique Almeida, and Stephen Basilone - On the verge of a major arms deal, the two toughest gangs in L.A. will find themselves trapped in an abandoned warehouse by a ravenous mob of bloodthirsty zombies. They will have to work together with…

Devil's Diary

Devil's Diary 2007
+60% Like of 5 votes

Alexz Johnson and Miriam McDonald - i love this movie, its got a unique story with awesome actors. Alexz and Magda give an amazing performance. Been waiting for the dvd for three years, Im so happy its finally arrived :)

Black Water

Black Water 2007
+60% Like of 5 votes

- Black Water (2007) is an Australian action thriller horror movie that is not for the faint hearted horror fans. The movie was inspired by a true story in 2003 in the Australia's Northern Territory where…

Aaah! Zombies!!

Aaah! Zombies!! 2007
+57% Like of 7 votes

Matthew Davis, Betsy Buetler, Tracey Walter, Richard Riehle, and Julianna Robinson - Zombies. You know 'em, you love 'em. But what do they think of you? In this hilarious twist on the Classic Zombie Tale, we see the world through Zombie eyes when a barrel full of Toxic Goo transforms…

Death Proof

Death Proof 2007
+67% Like of 6 votes

Kurt Russell, Rosario Dawson, and Rose McGowan - A deranged stuntman stalks his victims from the safety of his killer car, but when he picks on the wrong group of badass babes, all bets are off in an adrenaline-pumping, high speed, white-knuckle automotive…

Moonlight - The Complete Series

Moonlight - The Complete Series 2007
+76% Like of 78 votes

Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Shannyn Sossamon, and Jason Dohring - Any private eye knows a lot about other people's secrets. L.A. private eye Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin) has a secret of his own. He's a vampire, dwelling in a covert netherworld complicated…


Beowulf 2007
+80% Like of 5 votes

Ray Winstone, Crispin Glover, Angelina Jolie, Robin Wright Penn, and Anthony Hopkins - In the age of heroes comes the mightiest warrior of them all, Beowulf. After destroying the overpowering demon Grendel, he incurs the undying wrath of the beast’s ruthlessly seductive mother who…

Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 2007
+67% Like of 9 votes

Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Edward Sanders, and Timothy Spall - Johnny Depp and Tim Burton join forces again in a big-screen adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's award-winning musical thriller "Sweeney Todd." Depp stars in the title role as a man unjustly…

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