List of 2006 Horror Films

In a Dark Place

In a Dark Place 2006
+50% Like of 6 votes

Leelee Sobieski, Chris Bearne, Tara Fitzgerald, Gilles Klein, Christian Olson - Anna Veigh, (Leelee Sobieski) a recently qualified art therapist and teacher is finding work a tougher psychological challenge that she had anticipated. The offer of a new position minding two young orphans…

Left In Darkness

Left In Darkness 2006
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Travis Van Winkle, Tim Thomerson, Jessica Stroup, Patty McCormack, David Anders - Her mother died in childbirth, and she always felt responsible for the tragedy. When her father disappeared, her grandparents raised her. As she got older, her sense of guilt grew deeper. And on the night…

Dark Reality

Dark Reality 2006
+50% Like of 6 votes

Eva Derrek, Alisha Seaton, Laila Dagher, Arthur Bullock, Jen Parker - Backpacking across Europe was supposed to be an adventure of a lifetime for Carey. But a different journey begins when she awakes in a cold, dark basement. A nightmarish journey filled with physical torture…

Living Death

Living Death 2006
+50% Like of 6 votes

Joshua Peace, Greg Bryk, Vik Sahay, Christopher Cordell, Neil Foster - Victor is a young and powerful millionaire who discovers his beautiful wife Elizabeth (Kristy Swanson) is having an affair with his best friend, Roman. In an attempt to get rid of Victor forever, Roman…

The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy 2006
+50% Like of 6 votes

Karin Konoval, P.J. Soles, Lochlyn Munro, Kurt Max Runte, Ben Cotton - Put A Tooth Under Your Pillow And Let The Bloodbath Begin Northern California, 1949: In the woods outside of a small town, a hideous witch lured children to her crumbling home where she stole their teeth,…


Minotaur 2006
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Tony Todd, Rutger Hauer, Tom Hardy, Paul Jenkins, Eddy Klima - In an Iron Age village eight youths must be sacrifice every five years to a bloodthirsty monster the Minotaur who is seen as a god. The offerings are lowered into the Minotaur's vast labyrinth beneath…


Wrestlemaniac 2006
+50% Like of 6 votes

Irwin Keyes, Fred Tatasciore, Adam Huss, Jeremy Radin, Leyla Milani - On their way to Cabo San Lucas, the cast and crew of a low-budget film get lost and come upon "La Sangre De Dios", a ghost town with a spine-tingling legend about an insane Mexican wrestler.…


Incubus 2006
+50% Like of 6 votes

Tara Reid, Sandu Mihai Gruia, Luana Stoica, Silviu Olteanu, Monica Barladeanu - Tara Reid stars in a gruesome tale about a group of attractive young college students forced to seek shelter in an ominous abandoned factory after a car accident leaves them stranded. Lurking within is…

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