Silk 2006
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Kar Yan Lam, Bo-lin Chen, Chi-Tu Wang, Leon Dai, Kevin S. Smith - (Horror) When a Canadian research photographer is killed, leaving behind a photo of a boy in an otherwise empty room, paranormal investigative scientist, Hashimoto, and his team investigate the scene.…

Office Outbreak

Office Outbreak 2006
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Alex Safi, Corey Jovan, Claudia Kender, Shannon Black, Louis Kerman - Auditors uncover Accounting fraud at a Fortune 500 Company. The CEO and CFO behind the fraud attempt to coerce the auditors into keeping the fraud quite. Mean-while a worker who recently returns to work…

Succubus: The Demon

Succubus: The Demon 2006
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Reine Haavisto, Jan Fredriksson, Hannu Furtenbach, Mia Rautiainen, Minna Kärpänen - A sinister and shocking horror mystery movie, Succubus marks the first US release from Finnish film company Blood Ceremony. The story follows Henri, a widower so feverishly obsessed in searching for answers…

Kill House

Kill House 2006
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E. Shepherd Stevenson, Iris Berry, Susan Flynn, Toni Gaal, Kamesha Gibson - Kill House is a modern day tale of bloodlust, rivalry and greed- all masquerading as the American Dream. As news of a brutally murdered San Francisco realtor throws the Los Angeles real estate community…

Witchblade - TV Anime

Witchblade - TV Anime 2006
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Mark Stoddard, Jamie Marchi, Cherami Leigh - Sought by the greed of Men since the dawn of Humankind, but only bestowed upon the woman whose fate it forever scars – The Witchblade. Is it the Righteous Sword of God, of the Hand of the Devil…

Of Darkness

Of Darkness 2006
+50% Like of 6 votes

Frank Nardi, Eric Austin, Jo Ann Biviano, Brendon Boyes, Maureen Carroll - This critically acclaimed, mulit-award winning horror short film surrounds a group of teenagers who inadvertently unleash a malicious entity when they open an ancient text of mysterious origin. Now, an…

One Missed Call Final

One Missed Call Final 2006
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Kazuma Yamane, Yuki Takayasu, Takashi Yamagata, Miina Obata, Takanori Kawamoto - The timid young Asuka is bullied by her classmates. When they embark on a class field trip to Korea, Asuka plans revenge by sending a disturbing photo with the message: 'If you transmit this cursed…


Arang 2006
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Ok-bin Kim, So-yeong Choo, Won-joong Jung, Hae-in Kim, Dong-Wook Lee - (Asia Extreme/Horror) A veteran female detective, So-Young, and her rookie assistant are investigating a recent series of bizarre murders. All of the victims seem to have died due to an acid unleashed…

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