List of 2002 Horror Films

The Rats (2002)

The Rats 2002
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 5.0/10
+60% Like of 5 votes

Kim Poirier, Daveigh Chase, Joe Pingue, Balázs Koós, Mädchen Amick - They're coming -- thousands of ravenous, blood-thristy rats -- and the terrified occupants of a New York City department store have no where to hide. Not only are these genetically altered creatures…

R.S.V.P. (2002)

R.S.V.P. 2002
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 5.2/10
+43% Like of 14 votes

Grace Zabriskie, Jason Mewes, Jonathan Banks, Rick Otto, Glenn Quinn - Philosophy student Nick Collier and his friends have just graduated from college. Before the working world comes and scatters them all in different directions, Nick plans one get together for everyone…

Tales from the Crypt - Ritual (2002)

Tales from the Crypt - Ritual 2002
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 4.8/10
+60% Like of 5 votes

John Kassir, Tim Curry, Erick Avari, Craig Sheffer, Jessica Collins - From the hit-making producers of HOUSE OF WAX and GOTHIKA, RITUAL is the latest chiller from "Tales From The Crypt." Dr. Alice Dodgson (Jennifer Grey -- DIRTY DANCING, BOUNCE) finds herself…

Bloody Mallory (2002)

Bloody Mallory 2002
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 4.5/10
+60% Like of 15 votes

Valentina Vargas, Thylda Barès, Eric Hémon, Ludovic Berthillot, Christophe Weyer - The Pope has been kidnapped! As the leader of an anti-paranormal commando unit, Mallory and her partners are the Vatican’s only hope. Held captive by the forces of evil, they must locate the Pope…

Hell's Highway (2002)

Hell's Highway 2002
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 4.1/10
+50% Like of 6 votes

Ron Jeremy, Brandon Ellison, Phoebe Dollar, Garrett Clancy, Beverly Lynne - Four college friends take a fateful road trip. The road, Hell's Highway - a direct route to terror. They pick up Lucinda: A hot young hitchhiker, full of sexual deviance and lust fo the bloody kill.…

Halloween: Ressurection (2002)

Halloween: Ressurection 2002
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 4.1/10
+50% Like of 10 votes

Natassia Malthe, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lorena Gale, Gary J. Tunnicliffe, Sean Patrick Thomas - The eighth Halloween movie (directed by Rick Rosenthal, director of part two) finally takes the series in a completely new direction. Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie, but thankfully she is not Michael's…

3 Extremes II (2002)

3 Extremes II 2002
Our Score: 3/10   IMDB Score: 6.3/10
+60% Like of 5 votes

Ting-Fung Li, Tak-Ming Ting, Kanyavae Chatiawaipreacha, Vinn Vasinanon, Jeong-won Choi - Three Extremes took you to the edge, now Three Extremes II pushes you over with three more nightmarish tales of terror from Kim Jee-Woon (A Tale of Two Sisters), Nonzee Nimibutr (Nang Nak) and Peter Chan…

Rats - Night of Terror (2002)

Rats - Night of Terror 2002
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 3.4/10
+60% Like of 5 votes

Jareb Dauplaise, Justin Smith, Bethany Anne Taylor, Maria Romi Viera, Mo Rogers - It's the year 225 A.B.(After the bomb).A group of bikers come across an abandoned research laboratory filled with food,water and a couple of corpse.They soon find out that their new digs is infested…

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