Minority Report

Minority Report 2002
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Tom Cruise, Max Von Sydow, Steve Harris, Neal McDonough, and Patrick Kilpatrick - Steven Spielberg's Minority Report is one of his greatest films. It is a triumph of story and storytelling, a dark and futuristic film noir that is both wildly entertaining and satisfyingly thoughtful.…

Demon Under Glass

Demon Under Glass 2002
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Jason Carter, Garett Maggart, Jack Donner, Denise Alessandria Hurd, and Ray Proscia - In the pursuit of a serial killer has led to a deeper evil as the government captures a vampire and conducts brutal experiments on the creature of the night. A replacement MD is brought in to take over…


Darkness 2002
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Anna Paquin, Stephan Enquist, Lena Olin, Iain Glen, Fele Martinez - A truly original movie. An American family moves into a very old house in Italy so that the father could be closer to his father. But his disorder starts acting up but his wife is totally oblivious to…


Nightstalker 2002
+57% Like of 7 votes

Bret Roberts, Joseph McKelheer, Roxanne Day, Julian Garcia, and Christine Long - Based on the true nightmare that left the city of Los Angeles paralyzed for months this is the chilling tale of Richard Ramirez the serial killer known only as The Nightstalker - a psychotic possessed…


Frailty 2002
+57% Like of 7 votes

Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey, Powers Boothe, Luke Askew, Jeremy Sumpter - Frailty is a movie that at first seems to be that of a mad mans reason to kill so many people. The father teaches his two sons how to find evil people by touching their forehead and then killing them…

Rose Red

Rose Red 2002
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Nancy Travis, Matt Keeslar, Kimberly J. Brown, David Dukes, and Judith Ivey - Rose Red (2002) is an American-Canadian movie that was written by Stephen King - the movie is not an adaptation of Stephen King’s book. Stephen King took certain elements from his other books (mostly…

Halloween: Ressurection

Halloween: Ressurection 2002
+50% Like of 8 votes

Busta Rhymes, Bianca Kajlich, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Ryan Merriman, Sean Patrick Thomas - The eighth Halloween movie (directed by Rick Rosenthal, director of part two) finally takes the series in a completely new direction. Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie, but thankfully she is not Michael's…

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever 2002
+50% Like of 30 votes

Rider Strong and Jordan Ladd - As a last hurrah after college, friends Jeff, Karen, Paul, Marcy and Bert embark on a vacation deep into the mountains. With the top down and the music up, they drive to a remote cabin to enjoy their…

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