Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within

Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within 2001
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Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Ming-Na, Ving Rhames, and Peri Gilpin - The year is 2065. A meteor has crashed onto earth unleashing millions of alien creatures who roam the earth decimating field and city alike threatening to extinguish life itself. Prepare to be spellbound…


Harvesters 2001
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O. Les Bradley, Carlos Bustamante (II), David Claridge (II), Donna DeVilbiss, and Howard Hoffman (II - This had a very low budget, but the story line is just twisted enough to be interesting. Not sure why the leader of the criminal gang was a lesbian Gulf War vet, but okay. Two of the absolute dumbest…

The X-Files - Season 9

The X-Files - Season 9 2001
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David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish, and Samaire Armstrong - Now you can own the entire ninth season of THE X-FILES?. All 19 classic episodes (including the 2-hour series finale) are available for the first time in this exclusive 7-disc collector?s edition. From…

Dario Argento - An Eye for Horror

Dario Argento - An Eye for Horror 2001
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Mark Kermode, John Amos, Asia Argento, Claudio Argento, and Dario Argento - Brilliantly mixing gore, vivid colors, and twisting stories filled with black-gloved murderers and dashes of the supernatural, Dario Argento's films have combined the best of horror and art house…

Not of This Earth

Not of This Earth 2001
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Traci Lords, Arthur Roberts (II), Lenny Juliano, Ace Mask, and Roger Lodge - Former adult film actress Traci Lords stars in her first mainstream film role as a nurse wearing a skin-tight and super- short uniform in this 1988 remake of Roger Corman's rarely seen NOT OF THIS…


Impostor 2001
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Shane Brolly, Vincent D'Onofrio, Gary Sinise, Madeleine Stowe, and Tony Shalhoub - An exciting, action-packed sci-fi story from the author of TOTAL RECALL and BLADE RUNNER, the thrilling Director's Cut of IMPOSTOR brings you Gary Sinise (FORREST GUMP, APOLLO 13), Madeleine Stowe…

The Breed

The Breed 2001
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Adrian Paul, Bokeem Woodbine, Ling Bai, Péter Halász, and James Booth - When a rogue vampire kills his partner an fbi special agent reluctantly teams with another officer who is a good vampire in an attempt to track down the evil vampire killer. Studio: Sony Pictures Home…

James Ellroy's Feast of Death

James Ellroy's Feast of Death 2001
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James Ellroy - LA CONFIDENTIAL author James Ellroy surfs the death vibe from the Dallas assassination site of US President John F. Kennedy to the Hollywood intersection where Black Dahlia Elizabeth Short s mutilated…

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