List of 2000 Horror Films

Dracula 2000

Dracula 2000 2000
+50% Like of 10 votes

Lochlyn Munro, William Prael, Jonny Lee Miller, Tom Kane, Sean Patrick Thomas - The master of modern horror, Wes Craven, presents a riveting adaptation of the chilling classic featuring Jennifer Esposito (SUMMER OF SAM), Omar Epps (IN TOO DEEP), Jonny Lee Miller (TRAINSPOTTING),…

Hellraiser 5 (V): Inferno

Hellraiser 5 (V): Inferno 2000
+43% Like of 7 votes

Doug Bradley, James Remar, Michael Shamus Wiles, Christopher Kriesa, Carmen Argenziano - Hellraiser: Inferno was a really twisted, creepy movie. The flashing lights, pools of blood, and spooky hallways really add up to the suspense and fear. The whole atmosphere of the movie was twisted and…

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2000
+71% Like of 7 votes

Michael McCleery, Frederick Coffin, Louie Cogie, Sondra Fortunato, Nancy Hendrickson - Loving sons always do what their mothers tell them to...even if it's to kill. Directed by Charles Kaufman (brother of Troma President Lloyd Kaufman), the classic Mother’s Day delivers laughs…

What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath 2000
+71% Like of 7 votes

James Remar, Miranda Otto, Michelle Pfeiffer, Harrison Ford, Joe Morton - In this exciting supernatural thriller, Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer play a seemingly happily married couple who uncover a terrible secret…a secret so disturbing it threatens to destroy…

Ju-On 2

Ju-On 2 2000
+70% Like of 33 votes

Yûrei Yanagi, Tarô Suwa, Takashi Matsuyama, Takako Fuji, Denden - Tragedy strikes when Kyoko is in a car crash losing her boyfriend and having a miscarriage. But soon after the accident, Kyoko still feels something moving inside her. Feeling something still moving within…


Mutant 2000
+67% Like of 6 votes

Ian McKellen, Doug Jones, Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen, Anna Paquin - While on vacation, two brothers discover a small town's hideous secret. A nearby chemical plant has been dumping toxic waste just outside of town, turning the townspeople into contaminated, mutant…

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus 2000
+67% Like of 6 votes

Kôichi Yamadera, Yûsaku Yara, Kôichi Ueda, Masatô Ibu, Tsutomu Kitagawa - Godzilla is back! This time, Japan has a new weapon: Megaguirus! Now a 3-way battle begins between Godzilla, Megaguirus and the humans beings! Will Godzilla win? Will humanity survive?

The Prophecy 3: The Ascent

The Prophecy 3: The Ascent 2000
+60% Like of 5 votes

Brad Dourif, Christopher Walken, Tom Kane, Sandra Ellis Lafferty, Shawn Driscoll - Christopher Walken (SUICIDE KINGS, THE PROPHECY) and Vincent Spano (THE TIE THAT BINDS) star in THE ASCENT, the third thrilling installment of the action-packed PROPHECY trilogy! As fearsome armies of…


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