Mother's Boys

Mother's Boys 1999
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Jamie Lee Curtis, Peter Gallagher, Joanne Whalley, Vanessa Redgrave, and Luke Edwards - In the spine-tingling tradition of FATAL ATTRACTION, MOTHER'S BOYS is a stylish, provocative suspense thriller guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat! After Jude Madigan (Jamie Lee Curtis…


Nightmares 1999
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Cristina Raines, Joe Lambie, Anthony James, Clare Nono, and Raleigh Bond - Fans of the Tales from the Crypt series and The Twilight Zone should appreciate this early-Eighties anthology of horror tales. "Terror in Topanga" is the tale of a woman terrorized by a maniac…


eXistenZ 1999
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Jude Law, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ian Holm, Willem Dafoe, and Don McKellar - Exciting stars Jennifer Jason Leigh (DOLORES CLAIBORNE), Jude Law (GATTACA), and Willem Dafoe (SPEED 2, AFFLICTION) challenge the boundaries of reality in this futuristic, critically acclaimed adventure…


Mommy 1999
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Patty McCormack, Rachel Lemieux, Jason Miller, Brinke Stevens, and Michael Cornelison - I wasn't expecting much from this direct-to-video/shot-on-tape movie when I popped it into the dvd player. I was all set for yet one more dreadful disaster. Well, I got quite a surprise! This is…

Leprechaun 2

Leprechaun 2 1999
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Warwick Davis, Charlie Heath, Shevonne Durkin, Sandy Baron, and Adam Biesk - A thousand years ago an evil leprechaun ripped through the countryside in search of his stolen pot of gold. Now hes back in the big city using all of his deadly tricks to snare the girl of his nightmares.…


StrangeLand 1999
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Kevin Gage, Elizabeth Peña, Dee Snider, Brett Harrelson, and Robert Englund - Heavy metal superstar dee snider wrote and stars in this dark suspense thriller about a sadomasochistic predator who surfs the internet looking for on-line female victims. Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent.…

Death Machine

Death Machine 1999
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Richard Brake, Alex Brooks, Julie Cox (II), Brad Dourif, and Ronald Fernee - Chaank ind ruthless world leaders in future weapons technology hire a new chief executive hayden cale. Cale soon uncovers a secret and unethical weapons project the company is involved in. Her first order…

Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea 1999
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Erinn Bartlett, Saffron Burrows, Cristos, Sabrina Geerinckx, and Samuel L. Jackson - I was surprised when I read the other reviews and what a negative experience they had with the company - mine was much different. If I had seen them before I ordered, I probably wouldn't have ordered…

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