List of 1997 Horror Films

The Relic (1997)

The Relic 1997
Our Score: 3/10   IMDB Score: 5.7/10
+56% Like of 9 votes

David Proval, Jophery C. Brown, John Kapelos, Tico Wells, Gene Davis - Peter Hyams' The Relic (1997) was recently on Netflix so I decided to watch it again. I love how the beginning of the movie reels you in with the promise of a deep horror movie. We start off with a scientist…

Quicksilver Highway (1997)

Quicksilver Highway 1997
Our Score: 3/10   IMDB Score: 4.8/10
+60% Like of 5 votes

Matt Frewer, Kevin Grevioux, Veronica Cartwright, Christopher Lloyd, Shawn Nelson - Christopher Lloyd stars as Quicksilver, a delightful collector of oddities. After a newlywed couple's car breaks down, the husband goes off for help. Along comes Quicksilver in his Rolls Royce, offering…

Gut-Pile (1997)

Gut-Pile 1997
Our Score: 2/10   IMDB Score: 3.8/10
+50% Like of 6 votes

Bob Licata, Jerry O'Sullivan, Sasha Graham, Jeffrey Forsyth, Ron Bonk - A hunter accidentally shoots and kills a man, and then hastily buries him in a shallow grave. A year later the hunter and friends return to hunt and find themselves the hunted. GUT PILE is the lowest-budget…

Breeders (1997)

Breeders 1997
Our Score: 2/10   IMDB Score: 2.6/10
+60% Like of 5 votes

Todd Jensen, Clifton Lloyd Bryan, Wendy Cooper, Martina McAnee, Kadamba Simmons - Wanted: Intergalactic couple seeks romance + possibly more w/nubile SWF. We're a real pair! He's an NSGEM (Non-Smoking, Green-Eyed Monster). She's a SCECLS (Scantily Clad, Egg-Carrying Love Slave). You're…

Witchcraft 9: Bitter Flesh (1997)

Witchcraft 9: Bitter Flesh 1997
Our Score: 1/10   IMDB Score: 2.3/10
+50% Like of 6 votes

Paul Anthony, Stephanie Beaton, Michael Feifer, Mikul Robins, David Byrnes - I can only say is that this "thing" doesn't even deserve the right to be called a movie. I think this movie was rolled in a garage with a few friends.Don't waste your time, don't…


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