X - The Movie

X - The Movie 1996
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Tomokazu Seki, Ken Narita, Junko Iwao, Yukana Nogami, and Adam Henderson - Tokyo is the city where the final battle between the Dragon of Earth and the Dragon of Heaven will take place in the Japanese anime film X, directed by Rintaro (a.k.a. Tarô Rin; Astro Boy, Kimba…

Henry II - Portrait of a Serial Killer

Henry II - Portrait of a Serial Killer 1996
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Penelope Milford, Neil Giuntoli, Mike Houlihan, James Otis, and Rich Baker - Henry 2 picks up where the original (Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer) left off. Henry (Neil Giuntoli, The Shawshank Redemption) takes a thankless job at a port-o-john company where he meets husband…

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