Jaws: The Revenge (IV)

Jaws: The Revenge (IV) 1987
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Lorraine Gary, Lance Guest, Karen Young, Mario Van Peebles, Michael Caine - It is the Christmas season in Amity. Ellen Brody and her son, Sean are all festive. Ellen is now widowed, due to her husband Martin had died of a heart attack. Ellen feels it was a fear-of-sharks induced…

Superman IV - The Quest for Peace

Superman IV - The Quest for Peace 1987
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Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, Jackie Cooper, and Marc McClure - Superman tries to rid the world of nuclear weapons but the evil lex luther creates nuclear man.

Zombie 5 - Killing Birds

Zombie 5 - Killing Birds 1987
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Lara Wendel, Robert Vaughn, Timothy W. Watts, Leslie Cumming, and James Villemaire - Night brings out the hunger in everyone, especially a mysterious New York cab driver. As a vampire, working the night shift lures a sultry array of passengers within his grasp. Embracing those ready to…


Hellraiser 1987
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Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Sean Chapman, Oliver Smith - Hellraiser has to be one of the most gory movies of all time. I mean full on body mutilations and bloody deaths galore. Clive Barker was nuts when he came out with this one. Demons from Hell unleashed…

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