List of 1981 Horror Films


Horrible 1981
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Michele Soavi, Ted Rusoff, Susan Spafford, Carolyn De Fonseca, Pat Starke - A man is running, followed by a priest. He comes across a house but the tall gates are locked so he begins to climb them, however he slips at the top and impales himself on the spikes. Injured to death…

Hell Night

Hell Night 1981
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Linda Blair, Peter Barton, Ron Gans, Jean Hasselhoff, Vincent Van Patten - Is there a cheesier, funnier (without meaning to be) actress than Linda Blair? A victim of early Hollywood success with The Exorcist, she hit puberty, tried being a teen queen and a scream queen, and…


Scanners 1981
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Michael Ironside, Robert A. Silverman, Lawrence Dane, Géza Kovács, Jérôme Tiberghien - Welcome to the world of the Scannersa race of humans with telekinetic powers that can wreak havoc beyond your most dreaded nightmare. Writer/director David Cronenberg (The Fly, Naked Lunch) brings the…

Just Before Dawn

Just Before Dawn 1981
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Gregg Henry, George Kennedy, Mike Kellin, Chris Lemmon, Ralph Seymour - Five youths set out for a weekend camping excursion, to drink, frolic and skinny-dip on an isolated piece of land one of them has inherited. Despite ominous warnings of local forest Rangers, strange backwoods…

Zombie Lake

Zombie Lake 1981
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Jean Rollin, Howard Vernon, Antonio Mayans, Jean Rene Bleu, Edmond Besnard - The most terrifying zombie massacre ever to come to the screen! In a small lakeside town in the French countryside, young women are disappearing without a trace. The superstitious locals blame "The…

Omen 3: The Final Conflict

Omen 3: The Final Conflict 1981
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Sam Neill, Al Matthews, Tommy Duggan, Harvey Bernhard, Dick Anthony Williams - Set in an eerie future, The Great Recession has arrived. As worldwide starvation and economic doom prevail, so does Damien who relentlessly continues his sinister plot to control the world. Damien's…

Piranha II: The Spawning

Piranha II: The Spawning 1981
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Lance Henriksen, Ted Rusoff, Carolyn De Fonseca, Dorothy Cunningham, Carole Davis - Ahhhh yeah!!!! All of your favorite piranhas are back in town! You got Bitey, Nibbler, Toecutter, Copernicus Jr., Scooty Puff, Beaker, Sparkle, Fifthwheel, Brown Cloud, The Larry, Citizen [...], Whisker…

Horror Planet

Horror Planet 1981
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Steven Grives, Victoria Tennant, Robert Pugh, Judy Geeson, Stephanie Beacham - An alien creature has been waiting millions of years for a chance to breed, and its time has finally come, although the group of space explorers who have landed on its home planet do not know it yet.…


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