In our list of the best horror movies in 1979 we have Amityville Horror, The, Alien, Phantasm, Mad Max & Zombie (Zombi 2). The top movie is Amityville Horror, The scoring 8/10 stars in our movie review and has an average user score of 9/10 stars from 8 users. Starring in this 1979 movie is James Brolin, Margot Kidder, Rod Steiger, Don Stroud, Murray Hamilton.

Amityville Horror, The

Amityville Horror, The 1979
+88% Like of 8 votes

James Brolin, Margot Kidder, Rod Steiger, Don Stroud, Murray Hamilton - A young man, Ronald DeFeo, ruthlessly murders his entire family with a shotgun one evening for no apparent reason. The detectives that arrive to try and make sense of the crime place the time of death…


Alien 1979
+74% Like of 23 votes

Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt, Ian Holm, Harry Dean Stanton - The beginning of one of the greatest series of all time. This film will always remain a classic. It's scary, influential and insanely entertaining. Not just that but Ridley Scott actually has a great…


Phantasm 1979
+42% Like of 26 votes

Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Reggie Bannister, Angus Scrimm, Kenneth V. Jones - While spying on his older brother at a friend's funeral, Mike (A. Michael Baldwin) notices strange things happening at Morningside Cemetery. He witnesses a Tall Man (Angus Scrimm) picking up a full…

Mad Max

Mad Max 1979
+71% Like of 7 votes

Mel Gibson and Tim Burns - The Road Warrior is already a classic, sans condescending genre distinctions like "sci-fi" or "action." But the story of Mel Gibson's stately antihero begins in Mad Max, George…

Zombie (Zombi 2)

Zombie (Zombi 2) 1979
+59% Like of 171 votes

Tisa Farrow, Ian McCulloch and Richard Johnson - Lucio Fulci created some of the best zombie films proving that Italians love zombies and gore. Lucio is a tricky one that in order to create more attention to his film, actually first named this…

Killer Nun

Killer Nun 1979
+60% Like of 5 votes

Anita Ekberg, Paola Morra, Alida Valli, Massimo Serato, and Daniele Dublino - Killer Nun From the Secret Files of the Vatican! Uncut! Uncensored! Unholy! Legendary Swedish sex bomb Anita Ekberg (LA DOLCE VITA) stars as sister Gertrude, a cruel nun who discovers depraved pleasure…

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