In our list of the best horror movies in 1954 we have Godzilla (Gojira) & Killers From Space. The top movie is Godzilla (Gojira) scoring 5/10 stars in our movie review and has an average user score of 6/10 stars from 5 users. Starring in this 1954 movie is Takashi Shimura, Akihiko Hirata, Akira Takarada.

Godzilla (Gojira)

Godzilla (Gojira) 1954
+60% Like of 5 votes

Takashi Shimura, Akihiko Hirata, Akira Takarada - The ocean’s surface boils white-hot and a Japanese freighter mysteriously vanishes in the Pacific. Rescue boats meet the same fate, and the superstitious villages of Odo Island fear an ancient legend…

Killers From Space

Killers From Space 1954
+60% Like of 5 votes

Peter Graves, James Seay, Steve Pendleton, Frank Gerstle, and John Frederick (II) - Shot on a budget of about $4.78, Killers from Space is one of those fun old 50's sci fi movies that provides plenty of unintentional laughs. Peter Graves plays a scientist riding in a plane to observe…

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