Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch 2013
+40% Like of 10 votes

Jon Gries, Kyle Davis, Michael Horse, Steve Berg, Michael Black - Skinwalker Ranch is based on some events that were believed to happen on the actual property of Skinwalker Ranch. It is believed that many UFO sightings has happened at Skinwalker Ranch (Sherman Ranch)…

The Frozen Ground

The Frozen Ground 2013
+75% Like of 12 votes

Nicolas Cage, Radha Mitchell, Dean Norris, Kurt Fuller, Kevin Dunn - The Frozen Ground is written and directed by Scott Walker (Ordan's Forest). This is the second movie that Scott directed and he did a phenomenal job executing it. The Frozen Ground is based on a true…

Devil's Knot

Devil's Knot 2013
+50% Like of 6 votes

Elias Koteas, Stephen Moyer, Gary Grubbs, Reese Witherspoon, Kevin Durand - Devil’s Knot (2013) had a nice story line, and it shows how quickly something can happen to your child in a safe neighborhood. The movie is based on a true story from Mara Levitt’s book, Devil’s…

Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Gore Police 2009
+60% Like of 5 votes

Christopher Brechtel, Melody Schaffer, Hernan Caraballo, Brian Schwinn, Elizabeth Cerroni - In the near future, the Tokyo Police Corporation is locked in a bloody war with the "engineers." These genetically modified super-criminals can bio-fuse their open wounds with weapons, turning…


Diary 2009
+60% Like of 5 votes

Iain Glen, Kate Ashfield, Roger Frost, Nicholas Farrell, Lesley Sharp - While spending her days crafting wooden dolls and writing in her diary, pretty young Winnie waits in vain for the return of her boyfriend, Seth. One day she meets another man who so closely resembles…

Blood+: Part One

Blood+: Part One 2008
+60% Like of 5 votes

Jsu Garcia, Benicio Del Toro, Yul Vazquez, Julia Ormond, Rodrigo Santoro - Saya Otonashi, a seemingly normal high school student, suffers from amnesia and she can't remember the past year of her life. One day, after a man appears and gives her a katana sword, her destiny…


Feast 2006
+71% Like of 7 votes

Emily Watson, Ewan McGregor, Renée Zellweger, Lloyd Owen, Anton Lesser - At a rural bar, a motley bunch of patrons struggle to survive a ravenous family of flying beasts bent on devouring every last one of them.

BTK Killer

BTK Killer 2005
+57% Like of 7 votes

Nola Roeper, Danielle Petty, Christian Behm, Jed Rowen, Axel Montgomery - He was a father, a husband, a preacher… and a serial killer – step inside the mind of one of the nation’s most twisted murderers in this gripping retelling of the BTK killer’s…


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