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Author: Subject: Wake up.
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posted on 04-16-2012 07:51 am
Remember those lonely times you'd spend posting fantastical stories about yourself on the internet? Stories where you were a vampire, anti-christ, a demon, a fae, a werewolf... anything to make your boring life seem a bit more interesting. Your company those days would be like-minded people. People who existed to you only through the light of your computer screen.

Did you really believe the people you talked to? Did you read their own stories and aspire to be like them - not knowing that just like you, they were writing works of fiction? Or did you see through this game, but played along with it because it was the only thing you had?

Have you ever looked up at the full moon and recalled those werewolf stories? Perhaps some of them were your own. But why did you neither hear nor see any wolven humanoids that night? Why did no fur sprout from your flesh, and no fangs grow from your mortal teeth?

Did you ever look into a mirror and wonder why you could see yourself? Ever tasted your own blood just to see if you would fancy the taste? But you didn't. It was bitter and tasted of iron. Not the way it would taste to a real vampire.

Or perhaps you didn't claim to be a werewolf, nor a vampire. Maybe you were part demon? You tried eagerly to use your demonic powers. But why didn't they work? You tried more, but from your efforts grew no fruit, and what little success you had was merely coincidence. But that didn't make sense, did it? You were a demon! It said so right there in that story you posted!

Or maybe you never even tried to unlock the powers you pretended to have within you. Maybe you just kept pretending, knowing well your own lies. But what did it matter if you were lying? After all, your fellow pretenders looked up to you. That was all you needed.

Do you remember those lonely times? Of course you do. You're living in them right now.

There is more to this world than the "ordinary" mortals believe. You're right on that one point.

But there is more to this world than you believe.

Wake up.
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posted on 04-16-2012 02:30 pm
Oh? So you doubt that there are some out there, maybe even on here, with a true power? A true gift? Everyone must be faking? You are rather close-minded

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posted on 04-16-2012 02:35 pm
To each their own rasberry

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