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Author: Subject: Run in with a vampire.

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  posted on 07-01-2011 02:36 pm
Okay, so i was sitting in a clearing in my local forest just relaxing, next thing i rember is waking up in the pitch black in a forest with no light or anything. so i get my phone out. of course no signal but i use the torch on it. So im walking along keeping my ears open letting my eyes adjust to the lack of light as i have very good eye sight in the dark.

So im walking along, i can here crunching behind me i stop it makes a very loud snapping sound. i look behind me and walk abit faster. then i here more noise and speed up more. then i can here someone not far infront of me and too my sides. i start walking backwards when i bump into somthing and they let out a laugh and send me flying through a group of trees. theres a group of 5 vampires. i recognise their leader as the mate of one i had to kill a long time back.

I get up and go for him, He grabs my shoulder and sends me flying backwards. I get up to hit him and one of the others grabs me again by the shoulders slams me down on the floor cutting my arm on a sharp stick. I turn round and hit him hard slightly distracted. I knock him to the floor and elbow him in the face. I get thrown into a tree and as i go to move away one of them pushes me against the tree. one of them grabs me arms pinning them behind the tree so i cant move them, another holds my feet. the other two just watch for anyone coming our way and the leader looks at me laughs and grabs my neck.

I warn him to let go of me. He pushes my head back into the tree making him laugh and me cry out. He moves his hand to my forehead smiles darkly and sinks his teeth into my neck, I wont lie. I cried with the amount of pain cause it hurt so badly. He started to drink then he ripped his teeth out leaving two big gouges out of my neck and leaving a bigger makr then before. they let go. i hit the floor and hold my neck putting preassure on to make it stop bleeding. he just smiles and leaves me alone in the darkness. I take off my hoodie and shirt then use my shirt to help stop the bleeding. I put my hoodie back onn and run. Soon i pass out and wake up in a room with a group of vampires i know. One of them is watching me concerned. the others are talking quietly. i can here them better then usual. As i go to sit up im aware of the amount of pain im in. It feels like my body is burning. Its the only way to describe it. Sincei m used to extreme heat i dont feel it till i start waking up. My body feels like its numb but at the same time it feels like its being torn apart. One of the vampires calls to me. i dont respond and pass out again. i wake up two hours later to three of them watching me. another is laying nearby sleeping. I look up and ask them where i am and waht the time is. Ive been missing 26 hours and its just gone midnight. I was thinking o.o oh [**]. they tell me that i was going to turn, but they managed to prevent it. I was soon put on a train home with two escorting me just incase. and now im home and thought id share
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