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  posted on 02-20-2011 06:26 pm

Little hands and tiny feet,

Shy, and cute, and so petite;

Little whimpers, little cries,

Darling, little sparkling eyes;

Outstretched fingers, wiggling toes;

God, how can you love them so!

Children chase away the gloom,

And sunshine fills most every room;

Little mannerisms dear,

Laughs of happiness and cheer;

You just can't know the joy of home,

Until you have children of your own.

You feel so humble, deep inside,

And have so much parental pride;

You can't describe the joy and pleasure,

God has given with this treasure;

A million couldn't buy the joy,

The happiness, and love, sublime;

They're bundles straight from heaven,

And, Lord, they're really mine

Author Unknown

Priceless Little Parts:

These little hands will grow to be,

big and strong and helpful, you see.

These teeny-tiny little toes,

will carry this body that grows and grows.

This precious, sweet and radiant smile,

will help me go the extra mile.

.....And seep inside, a soul and heart,

Destined to be special from the start.

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