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  posted on 01-26-2011 06:13 pm
Well lets see whats new. Snowing cold storm coming from the south. Um one more month till mine an jackies son will be born. Um money coming on first to finish baby shopping. Got a thing from Broome Community College accepting me offcourse ill pass even tho i was excepted for school finanical aid. Looking forward to summer so i can do lawn maintance. Im gonna miss painting and remodleing but ill still get to paint windows. Waiting for my uncle to give me my [**] of security deposit back an my ssi records. But as usual he is a dumb drunk an my ex family sucks. My new family is doing good tho. Valentines Day is coming up which is also mine an jackies one year anniversery. I would say what im going to get her but then she would see this an know. But were doing fine sitting here nice an warm in our house. So leave a comment or tell us about your life
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Forum > Creatures of the Night > Topics For Discussion