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Author: Subject: Theorums i have encournterd.

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  posted on 01-24-2011 07:25 pm
Okay sog

Christianity - We are all created by a all powerful god and we must worshp him and follow his rules and be good little sheep all our lives for if we do anything wrong we are sent to hell for all eternity as punishment. If we are good little dogs and do as he says we go to heaven for all eternity. It is believed that one day all of gods followers will go up to heaven and the rest of us will be left here on earth to be punished by the Devil and Anti-christ. After a war jesus will come and remake the earth once more.

Joy of Satan Cleregy - They believe that we was created by a group of god like beings who created us a slaves and are creator name was Enki, They believed him and alot of other gods broke away from them to protect us as they wanted us destoryed. They say that the 7 Chakras are seals put their to stop us achieving "godhead".  They believe Christianity and Judaism where created to keep us away from Spiritual knowledge and trap us and that all their beliefs are twisted forms of what "True Satanism" is about. They believe that one day Enki and the other Gods of Old will return and fight off Yahwehs angels and War will come to earth after "The Veil Falls", If you fail to reach god head in a set life you are reincarnated to be born again

The Dark Lords - Okay so this isnt a religeon but a belief that A group came to earth and bestowed humans with great gifts. It is believed that The dark lords as they call themselves whilst human are beings of great power through training themselves. They believe that they control "The Nightkind" Which is what they believe to be Vampires Werewolves and Dragons but they dont have Physical bodies.These nightkind can create bodies to use but arnt living beings.They believe that they reincarnate to cleanse this world and when the time comes war will arrive from across the stars.

Otherkin Theroum - Basicly this theroum revolves around Reincarnation mainly and the idea that None human souls are born into human bodies. This includes Dragons Demons / Daemons Angels Unicorns Faes Elves and even normal animals (Therian (incorrect spelling).) This meaning when they awaken they get Mental shifts and Astral shifts (Form in astral changing). They believe that The Veil will fall returning them to their true form and not in human shell. Although they are born human and arnt diffrent physicaly most dont class themselves as human. It is believed that when the veil falls war will ensue War between Angels Demons Humans and Kin (alliances).

Notice anything about all 4 theorys i have listed ? Each argue with eachother yyet all state of a war fast approaching. All but 1 states reincarnation is possible.

Their are many theorys just look around but most end in war. Anyone else think its a conincidence.
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