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Author: Subject: Suggestion Forum RULES

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posted on 12-10-2010 02:26 pm

Post your Suggestion in this Format for consideration:

OVERVIEW - Give a short synopsis of your idea. 2 or 6 sentences MAX.

HOW IT WORKS - Explain how it will work within the Hell Horror.

PROS - WHO will benefit AND how Hell Horror will benefit from this change (The UPSIDE)

CONS - WHO will NOT benefit or be at a disadvantage AND how will Hell Horror be impacted negatively from this change (The DOWNSIDE)

TIPS For a SUCCESSFUL Suggestion:

Take a little time to employ logic.

Check with a couple HIGHER LEVEL players to see if your idea already exists.

A LOT of things here are based on LEVEL/RANK. Just because YOU don't see it or haven't seen it yet does not mean it isn't there.

There are somethings even the HIGHEST LEVEL people have not experienced yet. Have some patience.

Just because ANOTHER Website has this feature so YOU THINK it "should" be here. This is NOT the case but we are open to the suggestion if you think it will benefit us.


Would the developers have to do a major overhaul of the way Hell Horror works to implement this suggestion?

Is this suggestion completely contrary to what is going on here?


ASK YOURSELF: Will this suggestion benefit me simply because I am lazy and don't want to use what has already been given to me?

Just trying to weed out and get top quality suggestions. Once again we are open to all suggestions.

“For the LOVE of Horror!”

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