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Author: Subject: Why transylvania is known for vampires

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  posted on 09-24-2010 11:04 am
Despite what some people have put they are mostly wrong.

Vlad Tepse Vlad the Impaler Vlad Draco what ever you want to call him

ruled over a land close to Transylvania in th e1500's. He was a ruthless

leader known to impale his prisoners rather they be from other nations

or his own. Impaling is where a person is hoisted n top of a wooden

stake and allowed to fall down the stake until death. This was a very

slow and grizzily way to execute someone. It was a wide spread method

but Vlad isbelievedd to haveimpaledd over 300,000 by some estimations in

his short reign as Crown Prince of Wallachia. The mightyOttomannem

pierr feared Vlad and sought to kill him. Vlad however found help with

the Hungarians and other Wallachians. Three times he organized armies

and overthrew the Hungarian nobles theRomaniaa buyers and theOttomanss

to regain his country. We have stories mostly from the Germans and

Russians of Vlad inviting all the disabled and sickly people to a great

feast in his hall. After every guest arrived he boarded up the hall and

lit it on fire in order to kill every person not contributing to his

kingdom at once. Vlad ruled threeseparatee times and I believe his total

reign was only like 15 years. He was imprisoned by the Turks and

Hungarians several times. His own brother led a Turkish army against

himfinallyy ending the life of Vlad. His head was cut off and sent to

Constantinople Istanbull). His body was buried in SnajofMonasteryy. His

tomb was dug up and inside the bones of several dogs and cows were found

but no human remains.

Also Elizabeth Batholry was aHungariana duchesss. She ruled over a

tinyprovincee on the HungariaRomanianna border. During her reign she

took hundred of virgipeasantsns into her castle and drained them of

blood in order to drink adn bathe in it. She believed that the blood

would keep her from aging. Eventually the surrounding villages had no

young virgin daughters left so Elizabeth began to prey on the noble

children. That was her big mistake. The other nobles protested to the

king who had all oElizabeth'shs servants executed then Elizabeth herself

was locked in her castle and left to die.

Stoker would have heard these stories for sure anincorporateded them

into his book.

They myth of the vampire did nooriginalnl start in EasterEuropepe like

most people think today. The vampire is a worldwide concept like the

dragon that was not confined to a single cultural area. We are part of

the Western Culture so we have hear all the western stories of vampires

so it is a common misconceptionon to believe that the vampire legends

and stories started in Europe.
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posted on 09-24-2010 02:22 pm
Still no link eh? I expect you to find it and post it. I do not want to look again...

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Not there yet, Ky

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posted on 09-24-2010 02:25 pm


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