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Author: Subject: punk/rocker costume?

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posted on 09-23-2010 03:01 pm
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don't know if this is the right

spot for this... so sorry if i am in the wrong here!!

just wanted to let everyone know that if your looking for good costume props

for a punk or rocker or metalhead costume the place i work has a ton of band

shirts and other stuff... i mostly see people trying to make punk costumes so

they typically pick up a sex pistols shirt, suspenders, bandanas, studded

belts, the whole deal.

anyways, if your looking for something like this check it out:

(thats not actually my store, but we get all our stuff from there)

or if your feeling particularily lazy, we also have balaclavas for KISS,

mexican wrestlers... that kind of thing. it'll be really good for people who

live in cold places like me!!!

Personally this year I'm hoping to go as a zombie punk (punks not dead, get it?


good luck everyone!!
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Forum > Halloween Discussion > punk/rocker costume?