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posted on 09-22-2010 01:35 pm
One of the great things about having a tidy up- apart from the gleamingly clean house at the end of it- is finding dvds that have been all but forgotten about as they were buried under a tonne of 'stuff'!

My happy find recently, was my spying my beloved and well watched Razor Blade smile dvd after a long, long period of absence. Ah! What joy to hold it again!

So, tonight that's what I will be watching. Is a great film, OK cheesy in places, but that only adds to it's charm, I believe. smile

The anti heroine -Lilith silver- is played with some relish by british actress Eileen Daly. She does seem to be happy with 'playing up' to the role. Great clothes, the soundtrack inkeeping with the theme, and the wonderful and yet now deceased Transylvania Bar, lilith's chosen drinking den and the hang out for the pretty goths and wannabe vampires.


Not sure how many of you are familiar with this live manga movie? But if you aren't, I would say give it a try.


Enjoy! ^V^
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