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Author: Subject: guess i played the fool again.

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cheyenne wyoming

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posted on 06-13-2010 10:12 pm
***long story***

warning you now.

Ive been dealing with this girl ashley for 8 months now. dealing with all of her [**], her lies, her broken promises. first month we were ok, we started as friends with benefits because i couldn't take another real try yet... i had just lost my x trinity ([**] fights i miss her)

well i forget trinity a bit and i get with ashley after she breaks up with this guy russel.

well a week later i start thinking about trinity again so i end it cuz i needed time to get over my x.

she then gets with josh who she dates for a while, cheats on him with me a couple times (then later i find out she was cheating on him with MANY guys)

after she breaks up with him we date for a few days and i catch her talkin to guys on her phone again. i break up with her and she goes straight for this guy anthony. (she again cheats on him with me) idk if she did that with any other guys.

She finds out that anthony has been trying to get with other girls and leaves him

Next we get together and she is on thin ice at this point cuz im sick and tired of all her [**]. this kid max wanted to talk to her and i was waiting for her to come with me (it was at lunch i was gonna walk her back to class) she ditches me and walks with him, i yell "b i tch" at her and walk off to my class.

after i end it she jumps for a chance with max.

being pissed i swooned her and bit her leaving a mark on her neck for the fuc ker to see. 

he breaks up with her cuz of it and now he talks all kinds of crap.

she then gets with travis (who is is currently with right now)

well he got sent to jail... and she is cheating on him with me.  now comes why im playing the fool again.

even after all she has put me through ive convinced myself that i love her. we had a fight last night that was literally 24 hours ago.  she said she would stay, but we have not talked at all really today and i feel as if ive lost her.  but stupid me i can't leave. ive been trying to leave for 8 months and i just can't will myself to do it.

This b*tch is why ive asked for a memory erase spell to be done on me before on these forums.

*sigh* told you it was a long story..
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