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Author: Subject: Screamfestla 2010 Call for Entries!

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posted on 06-08-2010 08:47 pm

"A launching pad for burgeoning directors and screenwriters, Screamfest is dedicated to celebrating the often neglected and underappreciated horror genre.  Formed in 2001, Screamfest is one of the leading festivals of its kind and many of the movies and moviemakers showcased here have found distribution...." -MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINEScreamfest 2010 Call For Entries are now open for new feature length and short films and unproduced screenplays.  Winning films receive the coveted golden skull designed by legendary Stan Winston.  Winning screenplay receives $2,000 cash and Movie Magic Screenwriter. For more information or to download a submission form, go to official ScreamfestLA Website.

Screamfest discovered the box office hit PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.  Are you the next big thing?

"When all other festivals were rejecting PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, Screamfest was the first and only festival at the time that accepted us.  We had a great premiere screening and got positive reviews as a result.  Shortly after, we got the attention of CAA and many distributors.  The rest, as they say, is history! But it all started at Srceamfest!" -Oren Peli

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